Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lost in Hidden Springs Idaho

Appropriately. I guess that is what this intentional community intended - you can ride in but you cannot ride out. 

Up until yesterday's Cartwright Rd loop, I always rode around Hidden Springs. This neighborhood always had a bit of a "Stepford Wives" feel to me. But to my delight the first business I noticed was a cafe with a logo of the letter A with wings (notable only because I often frequent a cafe called the Flying M). There are two choices when stopping for an espresso on a bike ride: espresso or macchiato. I chose #3: iced mocha. It was delicious by the way, and now that I know how to exit Hidden Springs I will make that cafe a part of my ride. 

After my coffee break, I rode around the neighborhood, trying various left turns that I presumed would take me back to the main road. But they mostly led me to right turns that led me back into the labyrinth. Eventually I encountered a trail that led me to the dead end pictured above.

The dead end turned out not to be quite dead yet. I found a small path that led into the dry stream bed above. Note the electric fencing.

Suddenly, I broke out of the gully, formerly referred to as the dry stream bed, and followed the trail through the black-eyed susans and back to the main road.

Now I have a pleasant detour on dirt to take the next time I ride the Cartwright Rd Loop.

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