Friday, September 16, 2011

Seat Post Post

Is the seat post half shiny or half dull?

Campagnolo Super Record seat post from an online auction site. THC advised me on technique and let me use his supplies. If I were not so impatient to shine this lovely component, I would have taken a before photograph. But sometimes you just can't wait.

Imagine a seat post that looks a lot the this one but less shiny and you've got he idea. 

Take a mental picture of this bike (or just take this picture). Someday it will have a matching fork, it will be clean, it will have wheels, cranks, seat, derailleurs and the rest.

The word Campagnolo was barely visible before polishing. I thought it might be completely gone after sanding but it magically appeared with greater definition.

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Ben said...


Good ol' Prolly dropped this science on me a few years back and I have come to love finding the NOS look out of a battered and bruised crankarm or taking the zig-zag furrows out of a seatpost.